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  1. Sean
    Sean at | | Reply

    Great article yet again. Looking forward to the next in the series. Unfortunately it’s hard to find the actual time for some of this legwork needed!

    1. Tanner Bell
      Tanner Bell at | | Reply

      Thanks for the complement, Sean. I agree. Time is at a premium these days. It’s taken me into July to get something done that I was planning on completing in the preseason. If all goes according to plan, the tool I’m working on will allow you to drop in a handful of different projections (like those at Fangraphs) and instantly get averages from the different sets. Maybe with adjusting a few settings, a few mouse-clicks, etc. But hopefully easy to use.

  2. Mark
    Mark at | | Reply

    Has this happened yet? Would love to mess around with it during the winter.

  3. Tanner Bell
    Tanner Bell at | | Reply

    Hi Mark, I am still working on some finishing touches to this, but I’ll e-mail you a version of the “older” model (that’s still going to be a very close approximation to the finished product).

    1. rockycolavito1
      rockycolavito1 at | | Reply

      Unless your ETA on your finished product is coming soon, I’d too like a version of the “older” model, if you’re so inclined. Thanks so much for everything in your blog, “helpful” is a vast understatement.

  4. Jason Prugar (@jprug)
    Jason Prugar (@jprug) at | | Reply

    Hi Tanner! I’d love to see the older model as well, if that would be okay. jedi_116@yahoo.com

  5. Erik
    Erik at | | Reply

    Would love an email with the older model as well. Keep up the good work!

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