Create Your Own SGP Rankings – Part 7

Please use the comments below to ask me any questions you might have about Part 7, “Understanding the Hitter/Pitcher Dollar Allocation”.

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  1. fairweatherfan
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    I believe the 65-70% hitting split was based on standard 14 hitter 9 pitcher no bench leagues. What about other rosters? The leagues I play tend to have a higher percentage of pitchers. One is 11 hitters, 10 pitchers and 4 bench. Any thoughts on how to adjust that percentage for those leagues. Maybe closer to 60/40?

  2. Tanner Bell
    Tanner Bell at | | Reply

    Yes, I agree that the more pitchers you have, the more you should adjust the split towards the middle. But I don’t think it would be significant. I would try adjusting it 5% at a time to see how the end dollar values come out. Once you’re done with the spreadsheet, you can simply adjust the percentage and see the dollar values change immediately.

    Do you have any indication of how the others in the league value hitters vs. pitchers? If you have historically drafted more hitters or paid more for hitters than the rest of the league, you could adjust towards pitchers. Or if you’ve found that you’re taking more pitchers early in the draft and paying more than others, you might want to go with an allocation that gives you more hitters higher in your rankings.

    My preference is to be on the high side of the hitter ration, pushing toward 70-30, because I’ve found I can identify pitchers earlier than others in my leagues during the season. Whereas, I have a tendency to not believe in “emerging” hitters. That bias slows me down in picking up hitters, and others will be more quick to add them first.

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