Create Your Own SGP Rankings – Part 9

Please use the comments below to ask me any questions you might have about Part 9, “Converting SGPs into Pitcher Dollar Values”.

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  1. Chris
    Chris at | | Reply

    Have you found a good way to combine the hitter and pitcher tables to create a draft “cheat sheet”? I can kind of get it to work by manually entering in the player list and using VLOOKUP (looking up the hitter/pitcher table based on the farthest right character in the name box – P or not P) to copy in the stats and ranks, but I keep running into problems where I can’t get the “cheat sheet” to get past 450ish players before I just get errors.

  2. Tanner Bell
    Tanner Bell at | | Reply

    Hi Chris,

    I personally do not combine hitters and pitchers onto one tab, but I don’t see any reason why you could not. I think the process you describe should work and I don’t see any reason why after a certain number of records it goes to all errors. My first guess would be that you might need to add the “$” references to your cell references in the formula, so that the lookup doesn’t move as you start copying the formula down to subsequent rows.


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