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  1. Eric
    Eric at |

    Is there a way to incorporate multiple positions for a player? Take Ben Zobrist for example. In my league he qualifies at 2B, SS, and OF. He is only listed as a 2B in these spreadsheets though. So if I sort my rankings by SS on the spreadsheet he isn’t listed, but I would like him to be.

    Also, how would calculate his TTLSGP since the replacement level SGP varies by position?

  2. Tanner Bell
    Tanner Bell at |

    This is an interesting topic. I may write a more in depth post about it soon. But my short answer is that you have two options. Neither is perfect.

    Option 1: Add a new column that would represent “Position Eligibility In Your League”. You could put a value like 2B/SS/OF for Zobrist. Leave the main “POS” column as it is and don’t change any of your calculations. This new column is just for you to use for filtering/sorting during the draft.

    I don’t think adjusting the formulas for TTLSGP is necessary. I would just classify each multi-positional player at the position with the weakest replacement level. For the most part, multi-positional players get used at an obvious location. Mauer is a C, nobody is going to draft him as a 1B. For guys like Zobrist and Prado, the adjustment for a 2B is not that different than for that of an OF. So it’s not worth splitting hairs over.

    Option 2: This option has some pitfalls in it, but you could work around them. But you might try having Zobrist listed in the “Rankings” sheet three times, once for each position he qualifies for. If you’re marking him as drafted, you would have to do this three times. That could be a pain to deal with.

    And the other issue I see is that you only want to include one Zobrist in your determination of replacement level. If you say 18 SS will be drafted, then the 18th SS is your replacement level player. If you say 66 OF will be drafted, then the 66th OF is your replacement level player. But if Zobrist appears in both lists, you don’t count him twice. I think you’d use the 67th OF as your replacement, if you go this route.

    If you do go this route, your TTLSGP would be different for Zobrist the SS than for Zobrist the 2B than for Zobrist the OF. Each version of Zobrist would be compared to replacement level at that specific position.

    1. Eric
      Eric at |

      Thanks for the timely response. Both options are good suggestions. I think I will go with option 1 and add a new column for filtering/sorting purposes.

      Great guide and easy-to-follow instructions. Ordering the SFBB projections bundle today to personalize my rankings even further!

  3. Joe Firmin
    Joe Firmin at |

    Hi Tanner – Thanks so much for these great posts. They have been so helpful! I just finished reading Larry Schechter’s book “Winning Fantasy Baseball” and your posts help to operationalize many of his strategies. I do have a utility question for the usefulness of this sheet in a draft… While using this sheet in a draft, it would be awesome to be able to click on a name of a player that has been drafted in order to “hide” him from view so that only those available players are visible. Do you know how to accomplish that?

    1. Tanner Bell
      Tanner Bell at |

      Hi Joe, thanks for the kind words. I think this post can help you do what you’re talking about: https://www.smartfantasybaseball.com/2014/01/how-to-track-drafted-players-in-a-spreadsheet/

      1. Joe
        Joe at |

        You are da man. I started reading your new blog posts about 2 weeks ago… Guess I could have just searched your site. :) THANK YOU!

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