Using Standings Gain Points To Rank Players and Create Dollar Values

smartfantassybb_3d-500x635Using Standings Gain Points to Rank and Value Fantasy Baseball Players takes you through a 10 part process of transforming freely available baseball projection data into your own comprehensive listing of fantasy baseball rankings and dollar values.

  • Part 1 – Download Free Projection Data
  • Part 2 – Understanding Player IDs
  • Part 3 – VLOOKUP, Excel Tables, Named Ranges
  • Part 4 – Pitcher Rankings
  • Part 5 – Understanding Standings Gain Points
  • Part 6 – Accounting for Replacement Level and Position Scarcity
  • Part 7 – Understanding The Hitter/Pitcher Dollar Allocation
  • Part 8 – Converting SGPs into Hitter Dollar Values
  • Part 9 – Converting SGPs into Pitcher Dollar Values
  • Part 10 – Incorporating In-Draft Price Inflation and Keeper League Inflation

If you’re an avid reader of the site, you no doubt know that the first six parts of the process are available for free here.

Parts 7 through 10 focus specifically on taking the standings gain points for each player and converting them into a dollar value.

Keeper and Inflation-Adjusted Dollar Values

This guide doesn’t just walk you through the calculation of any old dollar value. Upon completion of Part 10, the spreadsheet you will have created will allow for entering the price of keeper players and will automatically calculate inflation-adjusted dollar values based upon those keepers.

Further, the spreadsheet can be used during the draft to track in-draft inflation.  If your league mates are spending too heavily during the draft, you’ll see instantly updated dollar values for each player that take those spending habits into account.

Example file using 2013 projections and ranking information.
Example file using 2013 projections and ranking information.

Linked Dollar Values

Not to mention that these dollar values are dynamically linked to the projections you begin the process with.  If you disagree with the underlying projections and want to edit Bryce Harper’s home runs from 24 to 35, you’ll immediately have an updated ranking and dollar value for Bryce Harper that accounts for your projection of 35 HR.

Using Standings Gain Points to Rank and Value Fantasy Baseball Players – A Step-by-Step Guide requires Microsoft Excel 2007 or later.  You do not need to be an Excel expert to follow along, but some familiarity with the program will help.

This guide is a step-by-step guide that includes screenshots and specific instructions to perform within Excel.  Please visit the free version that includes Parts 1 through 6 for an example of the instructions you’ll see throughout the book.


Hitter projections, total standings gain points, ranking, raw dollar value, keeper/actual dollar value, inflation adjusted dollar value:


Fully customizable league settings, any number of teams, customized hitting/pitching allocation, roster sizes, etc.:


A Long-Term Investment

Many of the Excel files or draft software available online are only good for one year.  These instructions will provide a long-lasting return on investment.

Draft Approaching Soon?

My goal with the site is to teach you how to formulate your own rankings, but I realize life gets busy and draft-day will be here before you know it.  So in addition to the book, you’ll also receive a completed Excel file containing 2017 dollar values and rankings based upon the free Steamer projections.  The Steamer projections will be ranked and have dollar values calculated based upon the underlying projections.  As always, everything is linked and formula driven, so if you disagree with the Steamer projections for a player, type in your projected stat line and you’ll get an updated ranking and dollar value.  The file will also calculate inflation for your league once you enter in the salaries of keepers.

Click the image to see the ratings of this book on Amazon.
Click the image to see the ratings of this book on Amazon.

Still Not Convinced?

I’m so confident that this is the best step-by-step guide for calculating dollar values that you’ll find, that I will refund your full purchase price if you are not satisfied with your purchase.  Simply contact me from the e-mail address through which you purchased the book and I’ll refund your money.  No 30-day limitation.  No questions asked.  You’ll get your money back.

Still not sure? See what others are saying by reading the Amazon reviews of the book.

Important Note About Excel For Mac Users

Please note that some of the formulas used in this book do not work on Excel for Mac.  I apologize for this.  I don’t understand why Excel is not designed to work the same on all platforms.

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  1. Richard Parsons
    Richard Parsons at | | Reply

    Highly recommend investing the money into this book and the constant content updates he puts on the site. You will be able to use it for years to come and Tanner is extremely helpful if you have any questions. I had a problem putting together the spreadsheet and he responded to my email within the day to offer help and went above and beyond my expectations in the amount of effort he put in to fix the problem I was having.

  2. Drew
    Drew at | | Reply

    I second Richard’s sentiments. For the first time in my Roto experience do I have projected auction dollar values that are within a standard deviation of my league. It will take some work and patience, on the front side, but once the file is built it will be a breeze to update year after year. So instead of picking one of those opinionated rags off the newsstand, do yourself a favor and tailor your research with a powerful spreadsheet that is your own handy work (well, with a little assistance ;)

    Much obliged, Tanner. This is a great piece of work.

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