Help Support the Site!

I’ve had some gracious readers say things like, “Thanks for what you’re doing. Is there a way to repay you?”

While I’m flattered by these comments, I don’t feel comfortable pandering for donations. It’s awkward for everyone involved. I don’t want to ask. You don’t want to feel any pressure or guilt. I hate the idea of a donation system.

At the same time, a few extra bucks here and there might go a long way toward me keeping this tiny operation up and running.

If you’re interested in supporting my work, here are some ways you could do that:

  1. Purchase a product! We all win here. You get an informative book, learn to develop your own projections, or get the best possible projections.

  2. Visit Amazon through this linkor via the banner below. Just make any regular purchase you already intended on making. I’m registered as an Amazon affiliate. You pay the same prices you’d see if you just typed “Amazon” into your browser, but Amazon sends me a small percentage of your purchase as a referral bonus.

  3. Tell your friends! This would be super easy to do. But I don’t think folks do this often. After all, you’d be giving away some of your trade secrets. Maybe tell your brother-in-law that isn’t in your league or a co-worker you know plays. I won’t hold it against you if you don’t share with your direct competition.

  4. Just keep reading the site. Even if you don’t feel comfortable purchasing or visiting Amazon, your continued readership is helpful to me. At least I know there are still folks out there reading my stuff!