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  1. Rudy
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    Tanner, interesting work. My side question, on the baseball professor mock u took Altuve, was Rendon close in your mind at that draft slot? Just wondering.

  2. Tanner Bell
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    Thanks Rudy. The mock draft is a really interesting exercise because I literally have no concept of a player’s perceived value by others. Some of the names, like Altuve and Rendon, are odd to see as consideration in the first or second round, but when you look at other names in the vicinity, you can start to buy into the idea of them belonging much higher than in the past.

    With that said, I really was not considering Rendon at that point. It would be very hard for me to see his SB and R production continuing. It’s very odd that he never stole in the minor leagues, had only one steal last year, and then bursts out with 17.

    Rendon’s only “done it” for one season. Whereas Altuve has somewhat safely produced at least solid values for the last three. I’m not expecting a repeat by any means. But even if he drops to .300 and 40 SB, his value is coming in right at end of the first round for me. Not much room for profit, but also a safe investment, I feel.

    I was also blown away to realize that Altuve will still only be 24 when the 2015 season starts. It’s not as if he’s a 30 year old that just busted out 56 steals.

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