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  1. Joe
    Joe at |

    Hey Tanner!

    This is very good stuff! I’m extremely interested in the process of assembling all the information needed for potential DFS success, just as you are. It seems to me, as you alluded to already, we’re going to need to chop the health information from the names. Then, match the player names with their IDs.

    I’m not sure I completely understand how Fantasy Pros can help. Especially if you plan to research your lineups the night before each contest. I know Fantasy Pros has a FanDuel and DraftKings cheat sheet. But you have to wait for it to update each night. Many times, the update takes place close to or after midnight EST. However, with this said, something tells me you have a different idea in mind, in terms of how Fantasy Pros can help.

    One step I know we’ll need to address is how to match up the batters to the pitchers they will face and vice versa. That way, as you can imagine, we can use the batters wOBA (and/or other stats) vs. the handedness of the particular pitcher he is facing. But this is probably the next step, after we match each player name with their ID and stats.

    In conclusion, I’m not sure I’ve said anything useful yet. But I’m with you. I’m ready to follow and possibly contribute along with journey!

  2. Dan
    Dan at |

    Hi Tanner, I know I’m very late to the party, but this info is incredible. To summarize – I’d love to be able to scrape fanduel costs directly to excel rather than exporting a csv, and your post on creating the dynamic queries would be perfect – but I’m coming up short. I’m wondering if you’re still able to Web query directly from Fanduel. Im on a mac and using excel 2011, and I’m able to do a basic web query from other sites with no issues. But whenever I try to query fanduel, it’s just blank. I’ve tried in Google sheets as well, and can get other sites imported, and even lists from fanduel (I. e. Contact us, sponsors, other small lists or tables), but it almost seems like the player info is no longer built into a table? Afraid I don’t have an IT background, and there is a shockingly small amount of info on dfs Web querying, so I just wanted to see if it was still a possibility. Would love any info you could provide!

    1. Tanner
      Tanner at |

      Ugh. This is frustrating. It does seem like the information above is no longer relevant. I’m getting an error message when I run the instructions above on a Windows machine using Excel 2013. I don’t see a viable alternative right now other than downloading the CSV and importing that. I know it’s not seamless. But you could still automate much of the process inside the spreadsheet using an approach like this: https://www.smartfantasybaseball.com/2015/08/importing-a-csv-file-as-an-excel-table/

      You do still have to manually go get the data though.

      I am going to e-mail you because I can’t really get any info into Google Sheets. So I am curious how you’re getting even that. Then maybe I can come up with an approach.

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