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  1. Jason
    Jason at |

    I read that book at least 5 times and never saw that once. It certaintly makes me feel better about how I use other league data. Good read Tanner.

  2. Tanner
    Tanner at |

    Thanks, Jason. I’ve only read it once… but now I’m thinking I need to give it a reread.

  3. A Look at 2015 AL-Only Standings Data | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

    […] The relative calculation seeks to put all the different SGP denominators onto the same scale. It’s helpful for comparing SGP denominators from different leagues (it can be misleading to just compare your own denominators to those above without converting them first). I won’t go down the rabbit hole now, but you can read more about relative standings gain points here. […]

  4. A Look at 2015 NL-Only Standings Data | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

    […] Relative SGP is a concept I uncovered reading Larry Schechter’s book, Winning Fantasy Baseball. It’s the practice of placing all the hitting and pitching denominators on the same scale so they become more comparable to denominators for other leagues and formats. You can see a bigger demonstration of the concept here. […]

  5. Zachary Neitzel
    Zachary Neitzel at |

    I used the same approach but my $values for a mixed league are really low. Like $12 for Trout kind of low. I agree the relative approach is better but I can’t figure out why my values are so low.

    I use Numbers for Mac so I haven’t followed everything from this blog but I followed the method from Larry Schechter’s book. Do you do the same thing? (Make $values for AL/NL separate and adjust in auction for looking for increasing discounts)

    My rankings end up correct (using marginal SGPs for catcher/non-catcher) my money adds up to $260x Number of teams. My $ is split 67/33% but I’m getting like 1/3 of the prices

    1. Tanner
      Tanner at |

      Hi, Zach. Thanks for the question. Yes, for the most part I follow the same approach Schechter outline’s. Or maybe one of the approaches. Because I don’t make separate ones for AL and NL. If memory serves he outlined several different methods to get to an end dollar value.

      As I read your comment I thought for sure you must have some kind of an error where your total $ values are not correct. But then you mention that you’ve double checked that.

      How many teams? How may players on the roster?

      Are the last players that will be drafted valued at approximately $1 or something close to $0?

      When I see odd dollar values, it’s usually an issue with where and or how replacement level was set. You may want to double-check that. The process of determining replacement level can be confusing and difficult to explain, so I actually made a video of an approach I use now that’s pretty fool-proof for me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0ztlMHwPiU

      If you’re still having trouble, let me know.

  6. Zachary Neitzel
    Zachary Neitzel at |

    I Used the marginal SGP method. Basically I set $ to:

    Catcher: round(((SGP-last catcher SGP)*$/SGP amount)+1),1
    Non-Catcher:round(((SGP-last non-catcher SGP)*$/SGP)+1),1
    Pitchers, same as non-catcher but use last pitcher.

    Rounding was to get one decimal place.

    The only thing I could figure was that I messed up SGPs but the top guys check out on a ratio basis and the order makes sense.

  7. Zachary Neitzel
    Zachary Neitzel at |

    I end up with a SGP value of 380 for trout and 104 for Jason Castro (last catcher) 178 for Colby Rasmus (last non catcher)

    I’ve been trying everything I can think of to get correcting numbers. 12 team NFBC roster sizes.

    The only thing I can think of now is that I actually messed up the SGP formula somehow and I’m not getting enough credit for a base hit in the average formula or something like that. My home league dissolved from the commish moving away so I don’t have league history for SGPs anymore so I was using your relative ones for an NFBC draft.

    Unfortunately I end up doing a lot of my stuff during dead time at work on my iPad so I don’t have excel to work with, only numbers which no one seems to ever use (for good reason I think) so I’m not even sure how much help you can give. If you’d like to move it to email on any help you could give that’s fine

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