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  1. Dru Welburn
    Dru Welburn at |

    thank you very much for the information and clarification on player_ids. I know that I can use the mapping spreadsheet (thanks again!), but can you please tell me if I have a mlb player_id, is there a single live xml file (or another live online source) that I can look up the player name (programmaticly )? Thanks!

  2. Dru Welburn
    Dru Welburn at |

    thank you very much for the prompt reply! I figured out a way to get what I want and will be happy to post if anyone is interested. I will check in with Tim Blaker to see if he has a better solution. Happy New Year!

  3. Jody Mendez
    Jody Mendez at |

    BATS and THROWS columns?

    Does anyone have the solution to the following problem:

    I’m compiling a database (using Google Sheets) of all MLB 2013 Player Stats. I’m having a problem finding a source that contains a B-T column or separate BATS and THROWS columns. This seems to be not important on every table I’ve seen and sorted online.

    I’ve tried Baseball-Reference, Fangraphs, Baseball Almanac, among many others but just can’t seem to find this data available in columns. I’ve created a MASTER Player Sheet in my workbook that I use to reference stats in other sheets through the ‘Query” function, but I’m stuck having to manually enter each and every player’s BATS and THROWS data. But I’m sure that there has to be a source…

    Any ideas?

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