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  1. Tanner Bell
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    Please post your questions or suggestions to improve the rankings system in the comments here.

  2. bill
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    Hi Tanner—I’ve already done a good bit of work in an Excel sheet with Steamer projections from Fangraphs tailored to the scoring system of one of my points leagues.

    What it is lacking is the player positions. Is there anyway that I can use the Player Map tool if I’ve already edited the spreadsheet heavily? Or is my best bet starting over again?


  3. Tanner Bell
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    Hi Bill. Most definitely. I will assume some familiarity with Excel based on the fact that you’re already doing work with Steamer there. Download the PlayerIDMap. Move/copy it into your existing spreadsheet. Then cut the “IDFANGRAPHS” column and insert it so it becomes the first column in the PlayerIDMap tab.

    Hopefully you still have the Fangraphs Player ID column in your Steamer download. You can then use a VLOOKUP formula on your projection tab to tell Excel to go retrieve the “POS” from the PLAYERIDMAP. It’s hard to give an exact formula without knowing how things are laid out, but it would be something like this:

    =VLOOKUP(Cell Containing Fangraphs ID on your Projection tab, PLAYERIDMAP, 8, FALSE)

    PlayerIDMap is the name of the “table” in Excel. I think “POS” will be the 8th column in the PlayerIDMap after you shuffle columns.

    Hope this helps.

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