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  1. Ben S
    Ben S at |

    Hi Tanner,
    Do you know when the next SFBB Player ID Map update might be available? I play in a DEEP AL only league and I just noticed a few players not listed. Most of these guys are scrubs but they are rostered in our league. Coco Crisp, Derek Holland, Brady Aiken, Tyler Austin, Deolis Guerra, Dae-ho Lee, Teoscar Hernandez, James Hoyt, Matt Chapman, Renato Nunez, Chad Pinder, Sam Travis, Ronald Torreyes, Tyler Wilson, and James Kaprellian.

    Thanks for hard work Tanner, it is an invaluable tool for serious roto/fantasy players.

    1. Tanner Bell
      Tanner Bell at |

      Hey Ben,

      I make updates to the “web” and “CSV” versions of the Player ID Map ever few days. I keep it pretty up-to-date this time of year. And then maybe ever 2-3 weeks I actually go and update that information into the Excel versions that are available for download.

      If you haven’t yet, you might consider switching to the CSV version. If you have a newer version of Excel, you can just right click in the Player ID Map and refresh the data, once you connect to the CSV.

      You can read a little more about all these different versions here: https://www.smartfantasybaseball.com/2015/10/important-player-id-map-update/

      I know it might be confusing, so I tried to clarify the different versions there.

      With that said, now that I read your post more closely, we might have another issue. I try to keep the map updated with players that I think will be more widely “fantasy relevant”. Some of the names you list certainly are. But others I don’t even recognize! I’m assuming they’re minor leaguers and maybe not even top 100 prospects. For players like that, you may wish to manually type them at the bottom of your ID map for now.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Ben S
    Ben S at |

    Thanks, I will give it a try!

  3. Rick
    Rick at |

    Tanner – Looks like the web link to the Player ID Map only contains about 100 players. Do I have a bad link (I’m using the one in this post)? Any help/fix would be appreciated. Thanks. Rick

    1. Tanner Bell
      Tanner Bell at |

      Thanks, Rick. I had a filter on the listing so I could more easily add some new players. Try now. I took the filter off.

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