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  1. Jun
    Jun at |

    Tanner, when I copy & paste the new downloaded ID map something goes wrong and my hitters/pitchers ranks appear all in N/A’s. Please help.

  2. Rick
    Rick at |

    Hi Tanner. All this stuff is great. Thanks… I’m running into an issue that I can’t seem to figure out. I’m trying to automatically (and efficiently) pull in Yahoo position eligibility data for each player into a spreadsheet. (For example, Manny Machado is eligible at SS and 3B on Yahoo and I want my spreadsheet to reflect that). I’ve tried your power query method, but Yahoo’s tables only go out to 25 players, so that method will require me to do way too many queries. Your player map only has one position for each player, so that doesn’t work either. I’ve even tried creating a connection to crunchtimebaseball’s player map, but the Yahoo positions don’t line up with the eligibility on the fantasy wesbite. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks. Rick

  3. Tanner
    Tanner at |

    Hi Rick,

    I think you’ll have to use Power Query, web query, or use Google Sheets IMPORTHTML to pull in game appearances for each player from a site like this: http://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/MLB/2016-appearances-fielding.shtml

    Then you’ll have to use formulas to determine which position a player qualifies at, based upon your league settings. That page is for 2016 appearances, you can get to 2015 by just changing the number in the web address.

    For example, if your games player limit to qualify at a position was 20 games in 2015, you could use an IF formula to determine which columns have an amount of at least 20 games in them.

    Hope that helps some. Let me know if you get into this and have more specific questions.



    1. Rick
      Rick at |

      Tanner, finally got around to attempting what you suggested. I ran into a couple of issues…

      I used power query to import appearances from the link you copied here. Unfortunately that only gives info on games played rather than games played AND games started at each position, which are both factors in determining position eligibility in my league.

      I tried to use the Baseball Ref appearances link by position, which has the information I need, but it caused problems when I refreshed the data (i.e. the tables I selected for the data seemed to jump around day to day, requiring me to start the whole power query process over again to find the table that contained the relevant information).

      MLB.com has good data on GP and GS by position, but they list each player in ‘last name, first initial’ format which doesn’t agree at all with the player ID map.

      The best site I found for this was FanGraphs. I was able to change the size of the table to include all players. (I changed the end of the link to ‘&page=1_5000’ — which for some reason you can’t do for projection data, only stats). This seems to work a lot better than anything I’ve come across, but I’m sure there is an easier way.

      Thanks for the help.


  4. William Hubbard
    William Hubbard at |

    Tanner, trying to create this link inside my SGP ranking sheet (from your excellent book!). Using Excel 2010, I can create the links but there is no option to import the ID sheet as a table. In fact I can’t even make it a table afterwards without deleting the links. Do you know of a solution for this?

  5. JS
    JS at |


    I’m having issues with the links in the PlayerID Map actually working. I don’t see the option to right click and Refresh on the spreadsheet. Any idea how to fix?

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