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  1. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    My file did not update accordingly. When i pasted, it messed up all the formulas on the rankings pages and then would not calculate correctly.

    1. Tanner
      Tanner at |

      Hey Jeff, step #4 above is very important to the process. If you still have your original file, try copying again and see if you get different results. The reason step 4 is important is because we are then not copying the entire table.

      Excel doesn’t respond well if you copy Table A and paste it directly over Table B. Then you do get an issue like you’re describing. It disconnects all formulas.

      But I had found that if I take all but one row of Table A and paste it into Table B, then Table B remains. Just with the info from Table A.

      Or the other way you could try it is to NOT copy the column headers. But just copy the player information and paste that.

      If you’re still having the problem, you could try another way that takes a little more work.

      1. Start with your existing fileDownload the new player ID mapCopy the new player ID map tab into your existing file.

      2. Copy/Move the entire worksheet. Not the data like I was describing above. So you’ll probably now have tables in your file for “PLAYERIDMAP” and “PLAYERIDMAP2” or something like that (click on the Formula tab and then “Name Manager” to see what the new one’s called). But all your formulas will be looking to the first one. We’ll need a way to point them to “PLAYERIDMAP2”.

      3. Hit CTRL + H to open the “Replace” window. You can manipulate this to have Excel replace any “PLAYERIDMAP” reference with “PLAYERIDMAP2”.

      Hopefully one of these works. If you’re still having an issue, try e-mailing me your file and I can try to swap it out for you.

  2. Dave
    Dave at |

    I was having similar issues with neither method working to update my sheet. However, I think I found the problem – in your updated PLAYERIDMAP table the IDFANGRAPHS column has decided the values wants to be text instead of numbers. To fix it, sort the IDFANGRAPHS column alphabetically A-Z. This should put all the “number” text values at the top and all the “sa####” players at the bottom (since they dont need to be converted back to a number). You can then select multiple cells and convert them at once – the yellow error box appeared for me at the top cell I had selected. Fair warning – this is apparently a labor intensive process for Excel and will take some time. 10 cells took my computer about 2 minutes, so we’ll see how long the other 1500+ take…

  3. Dave
    Dave at |

    Yep, it eventually worked, but took the better part of 6 hours to finish everything. It was indeed a rankings sheet that I had created based off the website – which I fully credit for my 2nd place finish with great keeper options in my 12 team league last year. Great work, and thanks for putting this site together!

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