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    Tanner, Big fan of your work, here and now also at Rotographs! I had a question regarding your RG post, “How to create a position Cheat Sheet in Excel,” but it does not seem possible to post responses on RG (maybe due to the age of the article?) So I am hoping this post finds its way to you.
    I am trying to add the Cheat Sheet to my spreadsheet built according to your SGP based how to series. Since I also hope to track drafted players via Conditional Formatting (thanks for that article also!) I linked the FNAME, LNAME and ROTOTEAM columns in my main spreadsheet. I managed to manipulate the formulas to link up, so Posey shows up at the C-1 position.
    The issue I am having is that I am in an NL Only league. I hide the AL players by filtering the TEAM options. But when I fill down the catcher column in my Cheat Sheet, all the hidden AL players are included. Is there a way to bring only NL players into the Cheat Sheet? (I realize I could sort by TEAM and then delete the AL players, but that is more last resort as trades and waiver signings still occur this time of year and I like having everyone in the system so if I change a BAL to an SD and update the TEAM filter the new player is added seamlessly into the spreadsheet. Any ideas?
    Thanks, and keep writing! -Kris in Wormtown

  2. Wormtown Kris
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    Thanks, Tanner! Had never noticed the “LEAGUE” column. I had a few challenges tweaking the formulas but I got it to work. Now I’ll try to integrate Conditional Formatting into it. But even if I cannot get it to update automatically, it still serves as a useful cheat sheet, and took no longer than if I did a text only cut-and-paste sheet!

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