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  1. Kevin S
    Kevin S at |

    I started adding the Razzball IDs to the SFBB Player ID Map….it appears that Razzball uses the Fangraphs IDs for their IDs.

  2. Tanner Bell
    Tanner Bell at |

    That’s a good point, Kevin. I agree that they’re using Fangraphs IDs. You can probably avoid adding a whole new column and just use what’s in the Fangraphs ID column.

  3. psucastro
    psucastro at |

    I’m sorry i dont see how all this is necessary or how its different from just inserting a hyperlink into excel and labeling it whatever you want… which you outlined in one of your other articles. Love the site and all the great information. Also, When i ran SGPs for my 14 team mixed I was a little alarmed to see Bill Hamilton in the top 5 most valuable using steamer projects… if you have experienced similar results please let me know. Have a great day/night! BC

    1. Tanner
      Tanner at |

      Hi PSU. This article might be better labelled “how to ‘extract’ a player ID” from a website if they don’t provide it for you. A number of sites, like CBS and ESPN, don’t provide player IDs when you download their projections. This can make it very difficult to join/VLOOKUP/match their projections up with other models or to develop your own rankings from. It’s the reverse of building a hyperlink into Excel. Instead I’m using Excel to pull the text out of the hyperlink so I can get at the player ID.

      In regards to your Hamilton question, yes. Players like Hamilton and Altuve, projected for a lot of SBs, do come out as very valuable in my SGP rankings. I think it’s important to keep in mind that the rankings are calculated using a logical and systematic approach. In my mind the rankings are telling us those are very valuable players.

      On the other hand, this doesn’t mean you need to draft Hamilton in the first round. Rankings are going to tell you how players should be valued. And then we can start to play the game of judging the market and figuring out how long we can delay before taking such a player. I’m not fully up-to-date on Hamilton’s early mock draft results, but let’s assume he’s coming out as a fourth round pick. If your rankings say he’s the 5th most valuable player, maybe you snag him in the third round (or wait as long as you can before you think he’ll be taken by someone else).

      Or if you’re in an auction and Hamilton is valued at $25 but some average auction results are telling you he’s going for $18 on average, then you can feel comfortable going to $19, $20, or higher.

      If you really don’t like the fact that he’s coming out so high, then you could adjust your SGP denominator or factor. Instead of having it set at every 9.4 SB is equal to 1 SGP, increase it to 10, 11, 12, etc. Increase it until you feel comfortable with the rankings.

      I don’t recommend doing this because then I think you’re getting away from the true calculation of value that you’ve spent time doing. But it certainly is an option.

  4. hankp
    hankp at |

    When I copy and paste the second line from step five, the text is red rather than green and I get the following error message
    Compile error:
    Expected: end of statement

    Any idea what might be causing this to not work correctly for me?

  5. hankp
    hankp at |

    Worked like a charm. I think you are right about it likely being the apostrophe, because I had to retype the quotation marks in your formula from step 9 to get it to work. Thanks so much for the help!

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