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  1. iyh
    iyh at |

    Thanks. This is helpful. One question, though: are SGPs for counting stats also calculated relative to the average player? And if not, why not?

  2. Jimmy
    Jimmy at |

    “Running those figures through the formulas above, this works out to a .326 OBP and a .420 SLG, or an OPS of .746.
    It is VERY important that our bases for calculating team OPS calculate to exactly .748. If the base numbers already have the average team with an OPS of .746, that would give each player 0.333 SGP to start with ((.750-.748)/.006).
    By simply bumping the number of 3B to three, instead of 2.5, the figures come out to .310 OBP and .418 SLG. There is our .748 SLG.”

    I don’t get it. Where did the .748 come from?

  3. Tim
    Tim at |

    Great site!! Wish I had stumbled upon it before I compiled my own rankings. I came upon this site cause I want to dabble in conditional formatting next year and a google search brought me here! Keep up the great work, your name and site will spread soon enough.

    1. Tanner Bell
      Tanner Bell at |

      Thanks, Tim! Glad you enjoy the site. Good luck this season and make those spreadsheets beautiful!

  4. Jeremy
    Jeremy at |

    Couldn’t you just subtract the .333 at the end from everyone since the two OPS didn’t match?

    1. Tanner
      Tanner at |

      Hi, Jeremy. Are you saying instead of adjusting .750 to the .748? I think your proposal of subtracting 0.333 SGP from each player is the same mathematically.

      I like to preach the safeguard that your “average team” calculation NEEDS to actually calculate out to the “average” for that rate category, so I prefer adjusting things to get to .748. But I see your option as a very viable alternative.

  5. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    Where did you get the average projected stats that you used to plug into your formula? Is there a specific place on Steamer/Fangraphs where this is readily listed, or did you have to calculate that from the listed projections of the top 140 hitters yourself? Thanks.

  6. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    Thanks, sounds easy enough. And one more question, if I was to do my own projections, rather than export them off of Steamer or some other site, would it be more appropriate to calculate the average numbers from my own projects and use those numbers in the formula, or do you think it will make a huge difference. My particular league is a 12-team mixed league, 14 hitters, so I would be pulling from the top 168. Thanks again.

    1. Tanner
      Tanner at |


      Yeah, I think that your averages should be calculated from the projections you’re using. So it would make sense to use your own projections to determine the averages. You’re welcome!

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