Downloadable Tool – Calculate What It Takes To Win Your League

I’ve developed a much more refined tool to help calculate the number of rotisserie points it will take to win your league, as well as the statistics necessary in each category to achieve a certain place.

You can download the file here:  What It Takes To Win Calculator.xlsx

You must have Microsoft Excel 2007 or greater to use the calculator.  To use the calculator:

  1. After downloading the file, fill out the information requested on the “Answer These Questions First” tab (genius naming convention, I know).
    Answer These Questions First
  2. The questions can be answered using the drop down menus provided.
    Drop Down Menus
  3. Then proceed to complete all of the yellow hitter and pitcher stat tabs.
    Complete Hitter and Pitcher Tabs
  4. Follow the bold red instructions on each tab.  Also be on the look out for warnings for areas saying “DO NOT ENTER DATA BELOW”.  These are just warnings to ensure formulas work correctly and to prevent you from entering unnecessary data.
  5. Follow Instructions on Each TabAfter you’ve completed all the data entry into the yellow tabs, return to the “Results” tab to see the stats necessary to win your league.
    Results Tab
  6. The end result should be printer friendly, if you’d like to print it out for future reference.  Click on the image below for a larger view of the finished results.
    Printer Friendly Results


The tool can accommodate the following:

  • Up to 15 teams
  • Up to 10 years of historical standings and statistics data
  • Up to 6×6 rotisserie categories (6 hitting, 6 pitching)
  • Hitting categories of BA, R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP, H, BB
  • Pitching categories of W, K, SV, ERA, WHIP, QS

Suggestions or Ideas for Improvement?

Please shoot me a comment and let me know what you think.  Let me know if you’d like to see any additional features or categories added.

As always, make smart choices.

13 Responses

  1. obmij76
    obmij76 at |

    Would love a way to get a general idea of what it takes to win in a H2H league. Harder than Roto I understand but would still be helpful. Great work by the way!!!

  2. Clark Grizwald
    Clark Grizwald at |

    This is 99% perfect for my league settings, however we use OPS as the 6th offensive category. Any chance of adding it? Regardless this is an awesome tool. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. David
    David at |

    Love your tool. What about a hold+save category? Thanks!

    1. Tanner Bell
      Tanner Bell at |

      Hi, David. I just put up a new version that now goes up to eight categories and I added H+S as a new category.

  4. Andy
    Andy at |

    This is my first year in a 14 team Roto 6×6 (BA, R, HR, RBI, SB, OPS/QS, SV, ERA, WHIP, Holds, Ks). Any idea where I could find historical stats to project this or even if you could ballpark it?

    1. Tanner Bell
      Tanner Bell at |

      Andy, I can’t offer much help with OPS, QS, and Holds. But you can get a sense for 12-team information in the traditional categories here. Razzball publishes the target amounts necessary to win leagues of various sizes, but it’s not enough information for me to calculate SGP from.

      I do think using the 12-team calculations I lay out, adjusting replacement level for your league’s own settings and 14-team configuration, and using the target goals Razzball provides will be a very good starting point for your draft preparation.

  5. Jeremy
    Jeremy at |

    My leage is a 6X6 league, where the extra stats are losses for pitching and Ks for hitting. How could I approximate those stats using this tool?

    1. Tanner Bell
      Tanner Bell at |

      Jeremy, do you have a league history you can enter into this tool? Unfortunately, I don’t have any leagues that use hitter Ks or pitcher losses. Because of the quantity of requests I get for non-traditional leagues, I’m considering starting a research / accumulation project to gather data from real-live leagues. I don’t have specific answers now. But hopefully I can get some eventually.

  6. Bob
    Bob at |

    Is it possible to use this in a points league vs roto? how about one that assigns negative values for CS and HRA?

    1. Tanner Bell
      Tanner Bell at |

      Hi Bob, thanks for the question. Roto is a different beast because you have to meet certain stat levels in so many categories. That’s the main thing this tool is doing, just documenting the different levels you should be shooting for in each category. For your points league, the only thing that matters it the grand total of points. The position you finish in HR, RBI, or Strikeouts isn’t so important in where you finish.

      But, that being said, I can still see value in knowing the total number of home runs you need to be the best team and trying to shoot for that. I edited a version of this file some so it will track an average of the total points needed as well as the individual categories too. I will e-mail it to you to see what you think and then maybe I can get it on the site somewhere.

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