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  1. Scott Schrah
    Scott Schrah at |

    I have 1 point per single. I know I can subtract doubles, triples, and homers from total hits to get the number of singles for each player, but how do I do this in Excel?

    1. Tanner
      Tanner at |

      Hi Scott, I would add a new column header just for singles. Then the formula for that column would be “=[@H]-[@2B]-[@3B]-[@HR]”.

  2. Evin
    Evin at |

    Wouldn’t the Slugging Percentage formula be equal to:

  3. Tanner Bell
    Tanner Bell at |

    Hi Evin. If you use the formula you propose you would double count certain hits. For example a Home Run is four total bases, but it would also be included in the “[@H]” part of the formula. The formula you propose works if you replace [@H] with just singles and not necessarily “all hits”.

    You can use either of these and they work out the same:



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  5. John
    John at |

    Hi Tanner,

    I’m having trouble with the VLOOKUP with the IDFANGRAPHS on my Hitter Ranks sheet. The IDs get brought into the column just fine, but when I try to use this column to VLOOKUP the actually projections data, I get #N/A for every single player. I believe this has to do with the way the column is being formatted. If I manually type in Mike Trouts FanGraphs ID, his projection data will populate correctly. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

  6. Manny
    Manny at |

    Hi Tanner,
    I can’t get pass Part 3 #27. I am getting the #N/A for all players for PA. I have tried your formular above and I am still getting the same thing. The error that I am getting is “the name that you entered is not valid” and the [@IDFANGRAPHS] is highlighted. Any suggestions?
    Thank You

  7. Manny
    Manny at |

    Hi Tanner,
    It looks like I may have figured it out. I removed the @ sign from the IDFANGRAPHS and the numbers came up. Is this the fix?

  8. Manny
    Manny at |

    Hi Tanner,
    It seems like the only formular that I can’t get working is the OBP. I get an error using this formular =IFERROR(([H]+[BB]+[HBP])/([AB]+[BB]+[HBP]),0) with the HBP hilighted. It looks like the formulars don’t like the @ sign.

    1. Tanner
      Tanner at |

      Hi Manny,

      Instead of typing the “@” symbol, you could try clicking on that cell for the player you’re entering the formula for. I think Excel will properly format the item with the @ symbol.

      Or if you start typing the bracket and then the @ symbol (“[@”), you should see Excel pop up the list of field names. You can then use your arrow keys and hit Tab to select an item instead of typing it.

      I say this because I do think the “@” symbol is important.

      Another possible issue could be if you’re using a old version of Excel (anything after 2007 should be OK), or if you’re using a Mac (I don’t think they added this formula convention until 2010 or 2011?).

      If all else fails, you can try to email me your spreadsheet (smartfantasybaseball at g mail dot com).


  9. Eric Lindberg
    Eric Lindberg at |

    Hi Tanner,

    My league awards one point for each single. I noticed somebody else asked that question, but I didn’t really understand your explanation as to how I could account for singles. Thanks a lot for making this very detailed tutorial! It’s very rare to find something of this great detail on the internet anymore. Hopefully it will help me win my fantasy league. Thanks a lot!

  10. Eric Lindberg
    Eric Lindberg at |

    Also, how do I account for categories such as blown saves, walks allowed, and hits allowed? Thanks.

  11. Ryan Gross
    Ryan Gross at |

    Hi Tanner, this is such a great tutorial. Thanks so much. I’m having the same issues as John and Manny above where my hitter ranking projections are coming up as #N/A. I successfully made a rankings back in November, but I don’t have that computer anymore and am trying to rebuild now using the newest version of your PLAYERIDMAP, but I can’t seem to get past this step anymore.

    I would appreciate any feedback!

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