How To Use SGP To Rank and Value Players During the Season

Welcome to a multiple-part series on how to use standings gain points to rank and value players during the season.  This series will pick up where previous series on ranking players using standings gain points (SGPs) and calculating dollar values and keeper price inflation left off.

The files we created under those systems don’t need to be put away once the season starts.  With a few tweaks, that spreadsheet you created can quickly be updated to calculate in season rankings and dollar values, and to help you make informed decisions during the season.

Start With Your Preseason Rankings or dollar value spreadsheet…

And work your way through each part of the series below.  

Just like in the previous series, at the end of each part is a downloadable Excel file you can refer to for guidance.  I recommend using Microsoft Excel 2007 or greater.  You may have difficulty following these exact instructions if you are using Excel for Mac.

What You Need In Order To Use This Series

In order for this to work well for you, I recommend the following things:

  • You have previously worked through the rankings and/or dollar values series
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or greater
  • A Windows PC (sorry Mac users, some formulas don’t seem to translate to the Mac version of Excel)


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  1. Scott Black
    Scott Black at | | Reply


    Your tool is really helping me manage things better during the season than previous years :) I feel way more comfortable now making waiver wire and trade decisions.

  2. Tanner Bell
    Tanner Bell at | | Reply

    Thanks, Scott. That’s the hope. Rely on a concrete set of numbers/rankings/dollar values to make decisions rather than just “feel”.

  3. Ben S
    Ben S at | | Reply

    Hands down the best tool I have used for FB. Excellent help also. Get it if you want to dominate your league!

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