How to Create Your Own Daily Fantasy Baseball Spreadsheet

I’ll be the first to admit… I don’t play much daily fantasy baseball. And not because I don’t enjoy it. Mostly because the 7 PM start times during the week don’t fit well into my life. Getting home from work around 6 PM and then sitting down for dinner makes playing during the week all but impossible.

This page documents my journey to build a daily fantasy baseball spreadsheet that can automate much of the data gathering (e.g. salaries, starting lineups, projections, etc.) necessary to build a successful lineup.

Maybe eventually we can design a spreadsheet that will make playing during the week realistic.

The articles below start from developing and understanding of the basic strategies of the game and progress into some rather technical approaches to gathering daily fantasy baseball data from resources on the web.

How to Get Started with Daily Fantasy Baseball

Part 1 – Background Reading

Part 2 – “The Book” and Addressing the Myths

Part 3 – Game Theory and Optimizing Your Chances of Winning

Part 4 – Maybe I’m Wrong About BVP

Building a Daily Fantasy Baseball Spreadsheet

How to Use Excel to Web Query DFS and Other Fantasy Baseball Data

How to Use Excel Text Manipulation Formulas with Fantasy Baseball Data

How to Import Draft Kings Salaries Into Excel

FanDuel Name, FanDuel ID, and DraftKings Name Added to Player ID Map

Importing a CSV as an Excel Table

How to Add Batter and Pitcher Handedness to Your Daily Fantasy Baseball Spreadsheets

Adding Excel’s Power Query to Your Arsenal

How to Pull Projected Starting Pitcher Information Into Your Daily Fantasy Baseball Spreadsheet

New Tool – MLB Team ID Map