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  1. JS
    JS at |

    I’m also a newbie to DFS, and a fantasy baseball veteran. You outlined the same thought process I’m taking into it.

    I have a similar research base to you (read Jonathan Bales book, read some of the articles listed) and I’m trying to build out a long term strategy as well.

    One of the things that I’ve liked using is the Rotogrinders Bankroll tracker. It’s a good way to track your Wins-Losses, and gives suggestions for how much to wager on a given night.

    I’m fanatic about reading your posts, so I’m really excited to see what you come up with. I’ve already built a daily sheet that uses the framework for your points leagues as the base.

  2. Marcus Nickerson
    Marcus Nickerson at |

    I found this post to be very informative. I have been eager to join a DFS league lately but I thought the I needed a strategy too. You give some good advice in this post such as using the Vegas odds, I would’ve never thought of that on my own. I definitely agree with you in regards to player selection. I remember when I first started playing fantasy sports I played in salary cap games which has a very similar format as DFS where different teams can have the same player. It usually takes that one different player variant which can destroy your lineup or gain you the victory. I also like how you broke down the importance of pitching. I’ve never heard that saying about not really worrying about drafting pitchers. I’ve always seen it the opposite for the very explanation you used in this post. I’ve drowned in stat cat leagues because of lack of wins, saves, and Ks. Overall, once again very informative, and I will definitely keep this in mind when I finally decide to join a DFS league.

  3. Matt
    Matt at |

    AS\s Bales points out Fangraphs is a great resource. I also leverage Rotowire’s value reports but only for salary, matchup & handedness info…I try to create my own rankings.

  4. dylan
    dylan at |

    Hey Tanner, just stumbled upon your site today and have been reading ever since. I’m not quite sure whether you’ve started playing or not but I’m wondering if you’ve changed your stance on wOBA? The sites give more points for stats like HR’s, 3B than 1B so that is why they lean towards this stat. Anyway I really appreciate all the work you’ve put into this site. You’re the man!

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