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  1. Ben S
    Ben S at |

    Interesting article. I participate in an AL Only league and the relative SGP’s from 2013-2016 are as follows:

    BA: 0.00006 R: 0.942 HR: 0.314 RBI: 1.000 SB: 0.205

    ERA: (0.0021) WHIP: (0.0004) W: 0.078 K: 1.000 SV: 0.167

    So it looks like my AL Only league is fairly similar to the NFBC Draft Championship numbers.

  2. Ben S
    Ben S at |

    Yes it does compare very closely and BTW, our AL league is hosted by OnRoto ironically enough (Tout Wars also uses OnRoto)

  3. ADP to Replacement Player Projected Stats Spreadsheet | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

    […] using the NFBC SGP values Tanner Bell created at Smart Baseball, I can weigh the final values. The SGP for the ADP was 23.8 with the replacement player at 21.2 […]

  4. cdispoto
    cdispoto at |

    I don’t have a lot of time to do the SGP work on my standard Yahoo! leagues. Do you think using the Raw SGP numbers from above is an acceptable replacement for figuring out value?

    1. Tanner Bell
      Tanner Bell at |

      Yes, I think you’ll still come out in a similar spot. I analyzed a wider breadth of league types in this article, and I found that the relative numbers for a lot of different leagues appear to be very similar.

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