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    Tanner, first off good analysis. Appreciate the additional context this provides to your SGP method. As a 4th option (or option 1b) to determining a baseline (league avg) for the ratio categories, any reason you don’t suggest a 2-3 year “fantasy league average standings ratio” or 2-3 year weighted avg. (with slight leaning toward most recent year)? I tend to believe most projection sites/systems look at a 2-3 year history of player stats as a starting point for making current year projections (then make some adjustments for player age/trend/changes to mlb enviroment/gut feeling/etc). So to me it would seem to make sense to use an average(or weighted avg) of most recent 2-3 fantasy seasons league average ratio stats (assuming your league settings/#of teams stay the same from year to year) to potentially better align with projections being used for current season. I assume using an average of multiple year league average ratio stats would also mean you would need to use the avg. SGP factor for the same time period in the SGP calculation. Interested if you have ever explored this theory and found a flaw that makes you not consider it, or if you haven’t previously explored, if you see any potential flaws in this theory/method? Appreciate your thoughts.

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