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  1. Tanner Bell
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    Please post your questions or suggestions to improve the rankings system in the comments here.

  2. Matt Casella
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    Have you ever attempted to tweak SGP formulas to account for a league with an innings limit (for example: Yahoo 1400 IP limit = ~5-6 SPs and 3-4 RPs throughout the year).

    Calculating raw K totals feels inaccurate to me, as the season is essentially a race to the best 1400 innings pitched. Pitchers with high IP (and many Ks) but with low K/IP rates can end up hurting you in the K category, while high powered middle relievers should be more valuable as they pitch “good” K rate innings.

    I attempted to modify the SGP formulas to account for K/IP * IP / Max IP (creating a K/IP rate similar to ERA and WHIP), however the resulting values didn’t seem correct — it just seemed to glom together the higher and lower pitchers to the middle of the pack. I expected the high K rate pitchers to bubble up and middle relievers to be more expensive.

    Just for kicks, I tried using K total * K/IP rate to calculate K SGP totals. The idea being pitchers > 1 K/IP will be rewarded, while < 1 K/IP will lose some value. Not very scientific, but the resulting numbers seem to make more sense to me. In fact, I think it should probably somehow reward players who have extremely high K rates even more (square the K/IP rate?).

    Any thoughts?

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